5 Ways To Display Keepsakes Around Your Home

Whether it’s a family heirloom, a treasured memory or a collection of your baby’s first things, display them around your home for a happy reminder and personal feature in a room.

1. Bell jars

Fill a bell jar with treasured items and display on your mantlepiece or side table, it’s also a great way of protecting them too!


2. Print it

Print your memories into a quirky display for the wall. The Canvas Works in Kinsale do great collage styles, wood mounted photographs and poster prints, and they’ve just launched their new app to make it super easy for you to do (we also love that they’re Irish!) Download it here.


3. A treasure box

Make boxes for each of your adventures and place on open shelves with books, ornaments and plants. You’ll know which one to reach for when you want to relive a memory!


4. Go a little vintage

Hunt down a vintage mail sorter and fill it with keepsakes or collectables. Mount it on a wall or table to make a striking feature in a room.


5. Kiko frames

We adore these glass and brass frames for putting lovely memories in. Dry out a flower from your wedding bouquet, put in an old photograph of loved ones or frame a ticket of your favourite adventure.



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