5 Ways To Decorate With Fairy Lights

Christmas is a time for fairy lights every where – on the tree, your mantle piece or the front of your house. So it got us thinking, how could we use our fairy lights after Christmas because they’re just so gosh darn pretty. Here’s what we came up with.

1. Photo hanging line

This is such a cute idea for a kids room. Use it to hang family photos and little keep sakes.


Credit // Paul & Paula

2. Light up the wild

What a dreamy way to add a glisten of light to your bedroom. We love the bit of outdoors indoors!


Image // Pinterest

3. Add a little light to your cooking

Surround the window frame in your kitchen with the twinkle of fairy lights for additional light and decor.


Image // Pinterest

4. Accessorise your accessories 

Throw them over accessories in your living room for that extra touch. Consider the colour of the lead though and how it’ll blend in.


Image // Postris

5. Fairy light jar

We love this idea to add a lovely glow to a room – it makes perfect mood lighting!


Image // Pinterest

6. Every little girls dream

There’s something about fairy lights in a little girls room – it makes it so magical. How cute is this tipi.


Image // Momo Designs

7. Light up outdoor

We love the idea of these twinkly lights in the garden all year round. You can get special outdoor ones to last through the weather – the ones with the extra big bulbs are our favourites!


Image // Pinterest 


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