5 Ways To De-Stress Quickly

Stress can hit us at any time; deadlines in college or work, family or relationship drama, heck even if you just burnt your dinner, we all have those days. So if you’re feeling wound up and your head and body is aching, take 5 and try and unwind a little with these tips.

1. 10 minute walk

Getting out and away from the situation that’s stressing you is important. Walking helps release endorphins which are anti-stressors, and also allows for reflection and time to clear your mind. Walking in a park or green area is meant to help with inducing a state of meditation also.

2. A little sugar rush

No sadly this doesn’t give you an excuse to devour a whole tub of Ben & Jerrys, but eating or drinking something sweet has been proven to reduce stress triggers in the brain. So have yourself one square of chocolate and take a deep breath.

3. Time to visualise

Bring your mind back to a calm state by visualising a happy place. Step away from the stressful situation and go to a quiet room and picture yourself in a happy moment you’ve had, or could have, like on the beach sipping a cocktail, or with Tom Hardy on a date.



4. Give us a kiss

Kissing is another endorphin-releasing activity, so next time you’re feeling a little wound up, grab your partner and plant one on them. This may or may not be possible if you’re at work right now. Ahem.


5. Take a deep breath

Why do you think yoga instructors always seem so stress-free? Because they are constantly practicing the art of breathing. Giving yourself an extra boost of oxygen will reduce tension in your body. You’re basically cheating your body in thinking that you’re relaxed already and thus is turn, your body starts to relax itself.


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