5 Tricks To Make Your Eyes Pop

By pop, we mean either get rid of last nights 3 bottles of wine that’s showing on your face this morning, or make your beautiful blue, green, brown, hazel (etc, etc) eyes shine a little brighter. So get out your makeup bag, go stand by the freezer and start taking notes.

1. Ice ‘em

If your eyes are suffering from a case of the puffy’s, then put some ice cubes into a face cloth and hold it to your eye – it will bring the inflammation down so you can see again.

ice for puffy eyes

2. Go white

Wearing white eye liner in your waterline will boost the white in your eye. It’s great for getting rid of that reddish/blood shot look.

white eye liner

3. Know your colour

What ever eye colour you are, there’s an eye shadow out there to make the pigment that bit more vibrant. For the best pop, go for: Blue = Copper/Light Brown, Green = Pink/Burgandy, Brown = Khaki/Grey.

copper shadow blue eyes

Image // Linda Sminkblogg

4. Two-tone

Time to change up your mascara habits! Apply black to your top lashes and brown to the bottom, it’s an instant tip to opening up those peepers.


5. Highlighter is your friend

Applying a highlighter to the centre of your eye lids, by your tear ducts and under your brows for an instant i’ve-had-my-beauty-sleep eye lift.

highlighted eyes

Image // Pinmakeuptips

Featured Image // Topinspired

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