5 Tips To Wear Wide-Legged Trousers

As with most on-trend fashion statements, they’re a little more difficult to style on your average girls figure (ie. us ladies who aren’t 6ft leggy beanpoles). So sure, those wide-legged trousers may look great on the model, but you have to know how to style them for your body so they’re the most flattering they can be. Here’s 5 things to think about when styling this on-trend item.

1. Stripes

If you’re a petite height, then vertical stripes will help to elongate your leg-length, or give the illusion of it at least!

stripey trousers

Image // This Time Tomorrow

2. Tuck it in

Tucking in your top, whether it’s loose or fitted, will show off your silhouette better as there’s no shape from the waist down with your wider legged trouser.

wide leg

Image // Paris to London

3. Crop it

Teaming high waisted wide legged trousers with a crop top is the perfect compliment – it’ll make your legs look like they go on forever and show off a snippet of your torso.

crop top high waisted trousers

Image // Imgur

4. Ankle-swingers are ok

Show off those little ankles with cropped trousers, they’re great for wearing a gorgeous pair of ankle strap heels with.

cropped trousers

Image // Who What Wear

5. Extra wide

Really wide trouser legs can give the look of a maxi-skirt, so if you’re finding the trouser idea a little daunting, then this little illusion might work perfectly for you!


Image // Etsy

Featured Image // Karina in Fashionland

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