5 Tips To Stop Your Eye Shadow From Creasing

It’s a Saturday night, you’ve done your eye make up perfectly, then an hour or so later your eye shadow has reduced to a thin line in the crease of your eye lid – disaster. But fear not, we’re here to help – here’s how to prevent that from happening!

1. Keep it dry

When you come out of the shower or you’ve washed your face, moisurise everything but your eye lids/don’t use any eye creams. This just makes the eye shadow slide right off.


Image // Reveal Great Skin

2. User a primer

Using a primer on your eye lids before you apply eye shadow will absorb the oils from the skin and leave a nice dry pallet. Your shadow will also grab onto the primer so is long lasting.



Image // Bare Minerals

3. Apply foundation

Once you’ve applied your primer then use your foundation or concealer to act as another base for the eye shadow to stick to. This will also help keep the oils away.


Image // Beauty Bye Jammi

4. Use a powder shadow

Any shadow with a waxy texture will clump or get in creases easily so always go for a soft powdery one.

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5. Top with translucent powder

Just like when you use dry shampoo to absorb moisture in your hair, a translucent powder will do the same to your skin with the oils. Just dab lightly onto top of your finished eye make up and that will set it.


Image // Terri Ann

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