5 Tips To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

With the change in season (albeit slow), we’re making space in our wardrobes for those Spring/Summer pieces that will take pride of place for the next 6 months. We’ve put together a few tips for getting your wardrobes organised and Spring cleaned.

1. Store away efficiently  

Time to put those heavy duty winter things away. Any heavy coats, chunky knits etc that you won’t be using, store in vacuum packs under the bed or in the attic. These keep everything neatly packed and dust free.


2. Sell or give away what you don’t want

There’s a general rule that if you haven’t worn something in a year, you’re likely to never wear it again. So be ruthless, and pack up what you don’t want any more. Give it away to charity shops or if you have some things that are in really good nick, sell them on Adverts.ie and see cash you can get for them.


Image // She Knows

3. Colour code

Colour coding your wardrobe will keep your closet organised and making picking clothes a lot easier in the mormings!


Image // Womens Talk

4. Compartments are key

By adding extra compartments and storage boxes to hold your belts, jewellery, bags etc, will help keep the space much more organised.


Image // BHG

5. Display nicely

Treat your wardrobe like walking into a store so you’re inspired every day to put together a great outfit.


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