5 Tips To Make Your Nails Strong

It tends to be quite a common thing that with a change of season, comes brittle and flakey nails. Winter does seem like some time ago but without the more constant Vitamin D that Summer brings, Spring tends to be a dodgy time for our un-manicured nails too. If you’re suffering with this annoyance, then try out some of these tips and see if you can revive your nail bed.

1. Don’t cut your cuticles

Your cuticles are the natural barrier from bacteria into the nail, so cutting them can not only make them look bad, but it can also expose the nail to infection.

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2. Use cuticle oil

Keeping the cuticles moisturised will keep them from drying out and hindering growth so use a cuticle oil every time you’re painting your nails.


3. Use a nail hardener

Vitamin E and C in a nail hardener will restore what’s lacking in your nails and causing them to peel. Our favourite is the Nail Envy from OPI.

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4. Cut back on the Shellac

Getting professional manicures too often, whether it’s gel nails or shellac, can damage the nail severely should you do it too often. The acetone they use to remove the semi-permanent nail varnish will also strip away good vitamins (avoid this chemical in your normal nail varnish remover too). So be nice to those little nails and let them breath.

manicure applying - wiping the mosturizer from cuticles

5. Biotin is your friend

A nutrient of the Vitamin B family, biotin has proven to be successful in the health of nails, so taking a daily supplement will do them wonders. Try the Wassen We Beautify supplement for hair, skin and nails – €11.99 at Boots.

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