5 Tips To Add Luxe To Your Bedroom

Your boudoir is one of the most important rooms in the house, after all, you spend almost half your life in it. It has to be comfortable, calm, inviting, and filled with elements that will make you sleep like a baby, and get you up and out in the morning. Here are a few tips to add a touch of luxury to your sleeping haven.

1. Sleep like a Princess

Strong, sturdy beds that don’t move every time you leap into them, will create a focal point in the room. Sleigh beds or those with higher footboards are perfect for adding a royal feel.

sleigh bed

Image // Restoration Hardware

2. Headboard drama

The bed is the most important element in your bedroom, so the more of a statement it can make, the better. A great way to do this is by having a dramatic headboard to lean against whilst you sip on your morning coffee. Think ceiling-high and buttoned headboards.

dramatic headboard

Image // Urban Outfitters

3. Lifes luxuries  

If you have the space in your bedroom for some of life’s little pleasures, then use it. Whether it’s a decadent chair in the corner for reading or an end-of-bed ottoman for putting your shoes on, it will add that luxe touch to the space.


Image // Liz Marie Blog

4. Luxe lights

People often underestimate the impact of a well designed bedside lamp to sit on your table or locker. As well as providing perfect mood lighting, those lamps with added detail and height can also make a design statement in your room.

statement bedroom light

Image // Abby M Interiors

5. Soft furnishing central

There’s nothing like an abundance of cushions and throws on a bed to make you want to run and drive into it. The added layers will make you feel like you’ll just sink into it, plus, throw cushions do make for pretty accessories.

comfy bed cushions

Image // House to Home

Featured Image // Florence Finds

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