5 Tips For Choosing The Right Lingerie

Now is about the time in February where you’ll be frantically checking your lingerie drawer to see if you have a set that’s good enough for Valentines Day. If you’ve done just that, and you’ve realised that you do in fact need to throw out that pair you’ve had since Take That split up, or you don’t actually own a bra and pants that in any way match, then you better continue reading. After all, you should always think when you’re putting on your under garments in the morning; ‘If I got knocked down today and had to be taken to hospital, would I be mortified that the doctor saw these pants?’

1. Know Your Bra Size 

And we’re not talking the ‘I tried on a bra and it fit’ size. We’re talking getting measured properly – Marks & Spencer do a free service so go if you haven’t been before. You just have to wear your t-shirt without a bra and they’ll measure with a tape (you don’t have to stand on a pedestal with your puppies on show.) Wearing the right bra size isn’t just about comfort and the way it looks, but it can also reduce risks of Breast Cancer. If the under-wiring of a bra is sitting in the wrong place, then this can cause damage to lymph nodes around the breast, causing lymph drainage to be restricted. This is bad because this is how our body flushes out toxins.

Woman measuring breast size

2. Find a Bra Shape For You

There’s a ton of different bra shapes available on the market now: balconette, corset, push up, triangle, soft cup, we could go on. So, it’s important to find the right shapes for your body and boobs that’s both comfortable and sexy!


3. Does My Bum Look Big In This?

No more than bra shape and size being important, so is the bottom half. The worst thing you can do is wear pair of underwear that is too small – no one likes a muffin top. The band at the top of the pants is most commonly elasticated, so if you’re a 10 but the underwear is giving you a little muffin, then buy a 12. As for the shape, wear what ever you feel most confident in. If you like a little pick me up on your derrière, then opt for French knickers or briefs in lace and satin. Thongs and G-strings are for those who like a little more freedom!


4. Soft or Sexy

Underwear comes in various materials like lace, satin or cotton – choose a material that you feel most comfortable in. Some lace can be corse if it’s cheap so make sure to give everything a good feel before you buy. Satin and silk is by far the softest on your skin, but breathable cotton is best for your v-jj!


5. The Extras

Not for day to day wear of course (unless you like rocking suspenders in the office), but don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and add a little more sexiness to your lingerie set. Wear pull ups and suspenders instead of tights to dinner, or try a corset (with bones or without) for an extra bit of sass. Guarantee you’ll feel hotter than ever and your lover will get a nice surprise too!


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