5 Things To Replace Your Christmas Decorations With

Christmas is nearing it’s end (tear), and we hate how bare the house looks once all the decorations are down, so this year we plan to replace them to help our January blues.

1. A different tree

Get a large house plant to replace your Christmas tree so you get to keep the green feeling and fill an empty space.


Image // Real Simple

2. Move the fairy lights

Hang the fairy lights some where else in your home to create a soft twinkly light. We love this idea of using it like a photo washing line!


Image // Mommo Design

3. Say it with flowers

Replace festive flower arrangements with lots of beautiful blooms. We can’t get enough of flowers around the home.


Image // Huffington Post

4. Pom Poms please

We adore the idea of using pom poms as party or wedding decor, but they’re also great all year round hanging in your bedroom.


Image // The Ragged Wren

5. Fab fabrics

If you pulled out the festive soft furnishings at Christmas and your sofa is now looking a little bare, replace them with some colourful cushions and an equally as cosy throw.


Image // Jackeberries

Featured Image // Queensland Homes

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