5 Things To Do With Family Or Friends Over Christmas

Christmas is a time for spending with loved ones. Everyone’s off work and school and it’s a great opportunity (or excuse!) to do lovely things and bond a little more. Here’s some things to organise over the Christmas break.

1. Take a hike

On a fine Winters day, go for a mountain walk and get some fresh air into your lungs. With the beautiful mountains and rolling hills we have all around Ireland, it would be a sin not to! Bring a flask of tea (or drop of whiskey!) to warm the soul and enjoy the view. Check out our Editor Louise’s review of Glendalough hike in Wicklow.


2. Enjoy an outdoor picnic

Get all wrapped up and prepare a picnic for the gang. Make a pot of mulled wine to bring in flasks and lots of delicious goodies, and of course blankets for sitting on and wrapping up in are necessary!


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3. Have a game night

Phones away, a little tipple at the ready, and thinking caps on! Get friends and family over and play games to have plenty of laughs together – Cranium is our personal favourite!


4. Christmas day swim

Yes you might think we’re mad, but it’s quite the tradition up and down the country to go for a dip on Christmas day. Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you wear a wetsuit!


5. Christmas movie marathon

Don your Christmas PJ’s, cook up some homemade hot chocolate, put on a fire and spend a day or evening watching your favourite Christmas films.


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