5 Things Every Family Kitchen Needs

The kitchen is the heart of the home when you have a family – from cooking, eating and playing together, this important space should have all the things to make a family happy, and make day-to-day living efficient! Here’s 5 things to work into your family kitchen.

1. Blackboard notes

A blackboard is a great thing to have in the kitchen, it’s fun for the kids and the perfect place to write your shopping list!


Image // House Of NC

2. Organisation station

If you have a family, you know how important it is to stay organised. The kitchen is a great place to have an area for to-do lists, school timetables and of course a chores check list for the kids!

organised kitchen

Image // BHG

3. Open plan view

Having an open plan kitchen and dining room means you can keep an eye on the kids playing and colouring away whilst you’re cooking the dinner.

open plan kitchen

Image // Zoopla

4. Casual dining

Having a casual dining area in the kitchen, ie. a bench and stools, is great for the kids to sit up at and have their breakfast while you prepare the packed lunch!

kitchen bench

Image // Justin Hugh-Jones

5. A personal touch

Be creative and fun with your kitchen design – it’s the perfect place to add colour and family photos.

family kitchen

Image // Telegraph

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