5 Rooms To Try Striped Walls

If you’re looking to give a little life to your walls then introducing stripes is the way to go. You can either paint them on or buy ready striped wallpaper for convenience. A horizontal stripe can make the room seem wider and a vertical stripe can make it seem taller, so it’s a great illusion trick to try if your room is feeling a little small. Here’s 5 rooms you could try striping:

1. Hallway

Make an impact as soon as you step in the door with striped walls in your front entrance or hallway. Horizontal stripes will help to elongate a shorter hallway.


Photo // Architecture Art Design

2. Living Room

Striped walls don’t always have to be in your face – using muted tones will add a subtle feature to your space, perfect for a living or dining room.


Photo // Gather Love 

3. Nursery

One of our favorite places to feature a striped wall, this is a gorgeous way to add colour without going over board with the pink, yellow or blue!


Photo // Pequeocio

4. Home Office

One place you really don’t have to hold back with the out-there interior is in your own personal office. This is a space to inspire and encourage you and so putting your own creative stamp on it is a must! And remember, stripes don’t always have to be horizontal or vertical…


Photo // Apartment Therapy

5. Bathroom

Adding stripes to a small space will really open it up so it’s perfect for possibly the smallest room in your house – the toilet. Don’t be afraid of using bold colours in this small space either – be adventurous!


Photo // Mini And Me Blog

Featured Image // Amazing interior Design

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