5 Outdoor Alternatives To The Gym

There’s more things to get your heart rate up than just a run on the treadmill, so why not give these outdoor activities a go before the Summer is up – we assure you you’ll have great fun doing them too!

Surfing, Lahinch

If you like the water (and can embrace the cold Atlantic!) then definitely give surfing a try. You’ll warm up very quickly with all the paddling and popping up on the board – it’s great for an all over body workout. Lahinch is once of the best beaches in Ireland to do it and is a great spot for a weekend away too.

Image // Epic Ireland

Hiking, Glendalough Wicklow

Walking in Wicklow’s National Park is one of the nicest things to do on a dry day. There are different level hikes ranging in gradient and time so there’s something there for every one. If you get tired hiking up, just remember that the view from the summit make’s it all worth it.


Kayaking, Dublin

You can go kayaking come rain or shine, but if you aren’t a big fan of the sea, try it out on Dublin’s River Liffey or the Canal to start. It’s a great one to work the arms and core.

Image // Dublin Town

Rock Climbing, Connemara

Enjoy a good upper body work out in the wild West of Ireland by scaling the rugged heights of Connemara. It’s been said that women make better rock climbers because we use skill over strength, so you may be much better than you think!



Kite Surfing, Achill Island

Kite surfing is 90% kite work and 10% board, so it’s mainly about steering which is great for your arms. Engaging your core muscles will help keep you aligned from top to toe so it’s great for the abs too.

57Image // Broadsheet
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