5 Minutes With: The Little Green Spoon

We live in a time where people are becoming more and more health conscious. The younger generation particularly so are considerate of what they’re putting into their bodies, and thankfully we have young chefs to look to for healthy recipes like Indy Power from The Little Green Spoon. We caught up with Indy to hear all about her passion.

1. Where does your love of cooking come from? 

It comes from my family. We’re all such foodies, our favourite thing is to travel and eat. My mom is a great cook and we grew up eating amazing food so I’ve always really appreciated cooking.

2. What inspires you to create healthy recipes? 

When I eat well I feel amazing. I want to get as many people as possible in the kitchen, cooking from scratch and feeling good. That’s my inspiration!

3. What’s your favourite sweet and savoury dish you make? 

My favourite sweet thing to make is the Almond Butter Swirl Brownies from my book – they’re insanely delicious and i’m such a chocoholic. My favourite savoury dish is my Pistachio & Rosemary Crusted Lamb Cutlets, they look so impressive but they’re super simple to make and they taste incredible. That recipe is also from my book.


4. What’s been the highlight of your career? 

Definitely my book being published. It was a dream come true and I’m so proud of it.


5. Who does the cooking at home? 

Me! I’m testing recipes constantly so there isn’t really time for anyone else to get a turn. On the weekends my fiancé often makes me dinner which I love.

6. Where’s your favourite place to eat in Dublin for brunch and dinner? 

For brunch I love trying new places as much as possible. I recently went to Meet Me in the Morning which was delicious and had a great vibe. I love Brother Hubbard too. There’s so many good places popping up!

Taste above Rustic Stone is my favourite dinner place. It’s the only place in Dublin with really good Japanese food, I go there whenever there’s a special occasion.

7. What does your perfect day look like? 

My perfect day is a lie in, followed by a coffee with my fiancé Tom and our dog at Bear Market in Blackrock. Then a walk and home to a nice brunch. I love making a big breakfast at the weekend. Then I like to head into town for dinner and meet up with friends.

8. What’s on your foodie bucket list?

I’d love to travel around Italy for a few weeks, eating and learning about their food. I’ve been to a few places but I adore Italian food and would love to see more. I also really want to get back to Japan, my mom is half Japanese so my cooking has a lot of Japanese influence but I haven’t been since I was in school.

9. You successfully inspire a young audience to cook, was this always your aim when started your blog?

When I first started my blog I didn’t really have any goals, it was just an experiment as a hobby. When it started picking up that quickly became one of my aims. I want to make people fall in love with healthy food and cooking, showing them how easy it can be and how much it can transform how you feel.


10. What’s next for The Little Green Spoon? 

Hopefully book two and I would love to open my own place. You’ll have to wait and see!

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