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We live in a world where creativity comes in so many different forms. It’s celebrated and experienced through festivals, exhibitions and showcases to name a few, and now thanks to founders of The Collective, can be shared in one jam-packed 4 day conference. We caught up with founder Anique Coffee to tell us all about this phone-free, business meets creativity get-away!

1. What is The Collective in a nutshell?

We forge community and curate experiences. The Collective creates extraordinary events, designed to inspire a heightened sense of connection, creative triumph, and communities that thrive. The Collective provides entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers, creatives and startup lovers with what they crave most: a community of like-minded professionals who provide support, mentorship and tools to help grow their businesses – all in an environment where community rules over competition and inspiration is abundant.

Members of The Collective will enjoy four awe-inspiring and all-inclusive days at a retreat-style, tech-free professional conference. Without phones, attendees will enjoy a heightened sense of connection to their work, to each other, and to nature. Attendees will attend 10 hands-on business and creative workshops of their choice, along with advice and one-on-one time with top business professionals teaching everything from turning your passion project into a business, top social media practices, creating the best team around you and lots more! It doesn’t stop there. The community and connection lives on beyond the event through regular and innovative touch points with members, including podcast, webinars, and other compelling content.




2. How did this new venture come about?

The first problem we are working to solve is the need for community and mentorship for a thriving and expanding network for entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers, creatives and startup lovers around the world.

We are also at the forefront of a new movement – a new category of business conferences where community rules over competition, where inspiration is abundant and prioritized, where there are no tech distractions (creating an intensely captive audience), and where the community that is built during the event lasts long after the conference ends. Europe offers plenty of business conferences, but few (if any) fits with our creative, freelance/entrepreneurial needs. It’s all very much big audiences being talked TO rather than hands on, practical workshops where you get to really connect with the top experts. We felt that we could create this experience that would fill a gap in the market and be unbelievably beneficial.

3. What can people expect from one of your retreats?

Our hope is that attendees of The Collective will, through these shared experiences, find inspiration, learn tangible and easy to apply skills to improve their businesses, the determination to succeed, and the community they crave for support. The Collective Community we are building is limitless, reaching far beyond the event for its members to thrive in the real world. Our intention is for members of The Collective to leave with full hearts, feeling refreshed, inspired, and reconnected to nature, themselves, and each other.


4. What’s your favourite part of the retreat?

The people who will be at The Collective. They are the most important of all, it’s why we do this. The creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs who have amazing ideas, but need support to reach their goals. Everything is organised to inspire them, to help their business reach new heights and to give them a long lasting community they can rely on. The relationships that are created during this shared experience, without distractions of normal day life and tech, will be long-lasting and fruitful.

5. How do you select the speakers for the workshops?

We’ve created a framework for the workshops based on what entrepreneurs and creatives were asking for to help grow their businesses. We selected leaders who have a similar ethos to us: people who care about the community they create, and a willingness to share the knowledge they’ve learnt. We are SO excited about our speakers. All of them are amazing human beings who you want to be around and get to know. We want everyone, even the speakers, to learn, engage with each other, network and be inspired!


6. Where can people buy tickets?

Tickets are available on our website. Full price tickets are €1200, but we are currently offering Early Bird tickets for €1000, which includes:

  • Three nights/four days stay, including your own single bed in an all female/all male room (valued at over €200+)
  • Three meals per day, including snacks and drinks throughout the day (valued at over €150+)
  • Your choice of 10+ interactive, collaborative, and hands-on seminars and workshops from over 16 international speakers, sharing the latest trends, best practices, insight and skills to help you reconnect and feel inspired, grow your business, launch a new idea, or just be better in your current role (valued at over €1.000+)
  • Optional daily yoga class, trail run, and other athletic opportunities (valued at over €50+)
  • Nightly activities including a star gazing night hike, dance party, a panel discussion with some of our speakers, and lots of networking opportunities (valued at over €75+)
  • An overflow goodie/swag bag of products and vouchers from our growing list of Sponsors (valued at over €150+)
  • LOADS and HEAPS of good vibes, abundant  beauty and inspiration, connection to yourself, each other and nature (Priceless!)
  • A brand new community of like-minded creatives, makers, professionals, innovators, business owners, and more. The Collective Community lasts far beyond these four days together. Each attendee will be assigned a mentor after the event so the connection and coaching can continue on for ages!  (Priceless!)


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