5 Minutes With: MoMuse

This beautiful little jewellery boutique resides in Dublin’s Powerscourt Townhouse and is run by designer Margaret O’Rourke. We caught up with her to hear all about her 10th year in business and her newly launched 9ct rose gold collection.

1. How did you get into the jewellery industry? 

Well about 10 years ago I was in advertising, and decided I need a change of career. My husband works in the jewellery industry, in the high end components sector, so would travel across Europe a lot visiting different trade shows. I started travelling with him and going to different shows, looking at different ideas and buying little pieces, and then just slowly started to develop the range myself. I started selling jewellery in Cows Lane Market, 2 years after that I started the collection in The Loft upstairs and I’ve been in this premises for 5 years now.

2. What is your favourite piece in your collection right now?

We just launched the 9kt rose gold collection 4 weeks ago and it’s very fine, simple and classic (image 8). There’s only 8 pieces in the collection and it’s something I’ve always wanted to work with. I love the texture in the hammered disc pendant and earrings in the rose gold. Another thing would be the stacking rings that I normally do, I’ve started to set them in diamonds and they’re proving really popular. I’m going to start doing them in black diamonds, emeralds and sapphires!

3. What is a typical day for you like?

It’s opening the doors to this lovely space! I have to say I really do love coming into work. I spend most of the day, when I’m not talking to customers, making jewellery here at this desk. I do an awful lot of custom made earrings here, and often when customers see you making the jewellery it makes the pieces a bit more special because it’s actually made here in the shop.

4. What is your bestseller in the collection right now?

Definitely the skull drop earrings – they’re part of the new Autumn/Winter collection and are flying out.

5. Have you ever made something bespoke that has a special story?

Well recently I made a girls wedding band, it was the first custom one I made. She was an Irish girl living in Dubai and we had been speaking on the phone since March about the ring.She had flown over and came into the shop a few weeks ago with her partner to pick up the wedding band and it was so emotional. He was so emotional, they thought it was fabulous, it was so touching. It was 2 days before her wedding that she was picking it up so I was so nervous but she was delighted with it thankfully!

6. You recently celebrated your 10th anniversary as a designer, what would you say have been the stand out moments in your career?

I would probably say when we opened Bow here 5 years ago when we were deep in recession, we took a risk with that and it really paid off. Bow was a co-op between myself and Wendy, another designer, and it gave us the courage to open because we had the support and encouragement of each other. Then when we went our separate ways in March we had a bit more confidence to think yes, I think this could work independently. I would have never said I would have had my own standalone shop and here I am 10 years on.

7. What’s next for MoMuse? 

I’ll develop the 9ct rose gold collection because that’s proving really popular. It really suits the Irish skin tone so definitely want to make more of that. Then I suppose develop the shop a bit more, find other things to keep personalising and evolving it and make it a more interesting space for customers to shop in.

 MoMuse is on the ground floor in the Powerscourt Townhouse open from 10am-6pm. You can also shop online at momuse.myshopify.com!

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