5 Minutes With: April & The Bear

Siobhan from April & The Bear lives in a beautifully eclectic and unique townhouse in the leafy suburbs of Portobello, Dublin. From here she runs her business selling quirky homeware and jewellery that you won’t find any where else,  and we want everything!

1. How did you come up with the name ‘April & The Bear’?

Well I’m born in April, as is my Fiancé Jamie, and I call him the bear – he’s big and tall and has a huge beard. So one night over a glass of wine with my girlfriends I was saying that I just couldn’t find the right name, and then they asked what I love, and boom, that was it!

2. What got you into interior buying?

Basically buying the house. We had been looking for the perfect house for years, and when we found this one it was great, but in the hunt I became entirely obsessed with interiors. I started constructing all these mood boards of what I wanted all the rooms to look like, and I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t find it in Ireland. The only place I could find it was online, but then everything was overseas and you’re paying too much on shipping fees. I used to go on these great buying trips to Berlin and Amsterdam when I worked as a buyer for Arnotts, and in those cities I could find incredible interior products for fantastic prices. So that really gave me the idea to start an interior store that actually stocked different things to your usual stuff on the high street.

3. How would you describe your collection?

I think the stock in April & The Bear is different, eclectic, unique – I don’t like to stock anything that’s too run of the mill. I like to find pieces that are a bit special that I love and think other people will love.

4. What is your favourite piece in your shop right now?

A very hard question – but I’m currently obsessed with copper so am loving the copper and glass candle holder we have. I’m going to fill it with lots of gorgeous things come Winter!

5. What’s to come for the Autumn/Winter range?

More of the same! I love metallics and textures right now so we have a lot of beautiful coppers and brass items coming in. We have a new British jewellery designer coming on board, Imogen Belfield, her stuff is incredible. She’s inspired by Geology and space so it’s all very natural but insane at the same time. A new homeware brand called Area Ware is also joining us as well as an art collaboration with some great new prints. You’ll see lots of beautiful decorations in the run up to Christmas, more weird quirky art, gift cards etc.

6. Where do your source your products?

Kind of from every where. I really wanted to put a focus on Irish design which I’ve done with my prints – Carol Mahon and Loki feature for example. Everything else comes from the likes of Brooklyn, Scandinavia and the UK to name a few. When ever I find a brand I adore I just track it down. I am always drawn back to New York – I just keep finding these fantastic designers, especially in terms of jewellery, they have a beautiful aesthetic there.

7. Do you have plans for a brick and mortar shop?

Not at the moment – I love shopping online and it’s definitely the way of the future. I definitely plan to do some pop up shops by the end of the year so look out for that!

Check out Aprilandthebear.com for wonderful homeware and jewellery. 

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