5 Items You Should Have In Your Winter Wardrobe

It is getting seriously chilly out there so your Winter woolies should be well and truly in use by now. Make sure you have these 6 items in your wardrobe to keep you chic and snug for the next couple of months.

1. Polo necks

Now what is more snug than that. Wear with jeans or tucked into a skirt.


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2. Long wool coat

Investing in a decent wool coat will keep you warm for many Winters to come. It’s perfect for casual days or uptown evenings.


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3. Knee high boots

Whether their over, below or just to the knee, these are an essential layer for the legs on cold days.


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4. Blanket scarves

Great for layering (and wrapping yourself up in!)


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5. Sleeveless coat

Another great item for layering is a waistcoat/sleeveless coat. It’s also perfect over chunky knit jumpers when you don’t need a coat.


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