5 Ingredients To Avoid In Cleansers/Face Wash

We might have our favourite beauty brands, but have you ever looked at what’s actually in them? There’s a few ingredients found in face wash and cleansers that aren’t good for your skin, and we should be as aware as what we’re putting on our body as what we’re putting in it. Here’s 5 ingredients to watch out for:

1. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

It’s what’s used to make products foam but it can be one of the most irritants for the skin. If you’re getting that squeaky clean feeling after you wash your face, then this ingredient is probably present.

2. Parabens

One of the most widely used preservatives ares Parabens (Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, and Ethylparaben). These chemicals mimic your body’s own hormones but in a damaging way. Studies have shown that Parabins have been present in a high number of breast cancer patients!

3. Triclosan

This is an antibacterial agent that when mixed with the chlorine in your water, forms a probable human carcinogen (an agent that is involved in causing cancer). It’s also known for resisting antibiotics.

4. Fragrance

On the back of most washes it will list ‘fragrance’, and this could stand for hundreds of chemicals that cause headaches, asthma attacks and allergic reactions. So avoid those floral scented products as they’ll dry out your skin or do much more!

5. Alcohols

Alcohol is used to make the thick creams produced a more light weight texture. It also helps substances like retinol and vitamin c penetrate the skin better. Despite that, if you have dry skin then alcohol will make it even dryer as it strips the skin of it’s natural barriers, avoid products that state: isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol 40 and ethyl alcohol.

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