5 Beauty Tips For Red Heads

If you’ve been graced with gorgeous red hair then don’t feel you’re limited to what you can work with in the make up world and don’t hide your natural features! Here’s a few tips for you.

1. Wear a pop of lip colour

Don’t shy away from bright lipsticks ladies! Choose a red with a blue undertone if you have a deeper red hair colour or one with an orange undertone if you have a more coppery colour.


2. Brown not black eyes

For paler complexions, swap the black eye liner and mascara for brown (it’s a more natural look for during the day). It’s a warmer tone against your skin and hair so will compliment it better!


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3. All about those brows

As red heads tend to have fairer eye brows, take to filling them in/making the colour strong with either a pencil, powder or get them professionally done. Darker brows will give more structure to your eyes and in turn your face.


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4. Dreamy green

Green has always been a beautiful match with red heads so try a green liquid eyeliner instead of black on your next night out.


5. Embrace the natural

So many girls try and hide their freckles behind heavy foundation (not just red heads!) but it’s time to start embracing your natural beauty. Swap the heavy cakey foundations for CC creams or a mineral foundation to give good coverage, but still show off those beautiful freckles.



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