5 Autumn Items You Can Wear Now

Being in that transitional weather period is so annoying right? Why can’t we just have normal seasons in Ireland! So, with that in mind, we know you’re eager to start buying beautiful coats and chunky knit jumpers but it’s a little too warm for that just yet, but here’s 6 things that will hit both nails on the head.

1. Sleeveless turtle neck

Yes, they’re back.


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2. Plaid shirts

Every girl should have at least one in her wardrobe.


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3. Poncho/cape

Too warm for a coat? Throw an oversized scarf over your outfit.


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4. Ankle boots

Too chilly out for pumps? Rock your ankle boots and legs out instead.


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5. Ribbed skirt

It’s a skirt, but it’s warm.


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