4 Fitness Classes Around Dublin For Toning

Summer is nearing it’s end, but it doesn’t mean you should be slacking on your fitness regime! Of course there’s an abundance of classes around Dublin that you can part-take in but we thought we would share our favourites with you. PS. Don’t blame us if you cry with pain the next day, that’s your muscles applauding you!

1. Ballet Barre – Platinum Pilates

This is definitely one of the hardest classes you’ll take! It’s a blend between ballet, pilates and cardio to make you tone and sweat. You don’t have to have mastered the plié before to take this class so you can leave the tutu at home and bring your determination instead. For a great all over body work out that will engage muscles you didn’t know you had, check it out.


2. Body Toning – Yoga Dublin

If you want to tone your body whilst having fun then this class with instructor Claudia is for you. Her fast paced regime will get your sweat on but with her fun flair and great work-out tunes you won’t notice the hour go by!


3. Bikini Bootcamp @ The Gym Howth

This is a mix between TRX, kettle bells and body weight exercises. It’ll get your heart rate up but work your all over body muscles at the same time.


4. Pump & Sculpt – Flye Fit

With a mix of bodyweight, bar bells and dumbbells this class will work every muscle. Classes go from 30-50 minutes depending on how much you’re able for!


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