3 Hair Removal Methods For At Home

Why were women born with hair if it’s just natural for us to want to rid of it? And we mean on our bodies of course. One could easily rack up a hefty bill in a salon getting her lady bits groomed or her mini moustache removed, so sometimes it’s best to take, well the hair, into your own hands at home. If you’re over you’re over shaving, here’s a few alternatives to try.

1. Wax kits

A particularly great option for the bikini line and the hair tends to be courser there, this will pull the hair out from the root and it will grow back thinner over time. Make sure the hairs are 1/4 inch long before waxing it and it should last a week or two. Home kits are effective but you have to just have the will to pull!


2. Hair removal cream

These dissolve the hair right under the surface of the skin. It’s an easy wipe on, leave for a few minutes and spatula off solution. Don’t leave it on longer than the guideline because it will irritate the skin. This can effectively work up to week.


3. Epilator

Most effective on the legs, this is basically like lots of teeny tiny tweezers pulling your hair out in one go. It’s quick but can be painful, just like waxing really, but really does work.



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