12 Days Of Christmas Fitness Programme

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a toned, athletic body, ready for the festive season? We’re pretty sure that’s not how the old Christmas carol goes, but nobody in 2015 has ‘a couple of turtle doves’ written on their list to Santa.

The guys at 1Escape have drawn up a 12-day fitness programme to help you burn off those excess pounds in preparation for the party season, whether you need to get ready for the office do, or you just want to make room for all that turkey on Christmas Day!

Day 1

Put down that Advent calendar and we’ll get started! To ease yourself in, try doing 50 press-ups throughout the day. This will improve your core strength and help you get your posture right for the rest of the programme.

Day 2

Put more focus on your core by attempting the plank for as long as possible. You may find yourself unable to maintain this position for long at first, but aim for at least a minute.

Day 3

This is when we really start to get serious. Get down and give us 50 squats; by the end of the day, if your legs aren’t on fire, you haven’t been doing it right!

Day 4

The best way to shake off that delayed onset muscle soreness you’ll be harbouring from all those squats is by exercising a little more. Go for a run.

Day 5

Time to introduce you to the humble burpee. 50 of these today, please. What are you looking at us like that for? 50’s nothing – the world record’s over 10,000!

Day 6

Get to work on those abs with a couple of sets of crunches. There’s no limit for these, just go for as long as you can.

Day 7

Remember star jumps from school? Yes, they’re actually useful. Do 50.

Day 8

Go for another run and make sure you beat your time from Day 4.

Day 9

Introduce yourself to the rowing machine. You don’t have to pretend you’re Sir Steve Redgrave; go at your own pace and for God’s sake don’t do this.

Day 10

Back to the abs. Aim for 50 – 100 sit-ups and, please, no half measures.

Day 11

Do three sets of lunges with a decreasing number of reps. Try using incremental weights to work your quads.

Day 12

Go for a run. Up to you whether or not you combine this with last-minute Christmas shopping.

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