11 Before, During & After Flight Tips You Need To Know

There are two types of people: Those that absolutely love flying, and other that truly detest it. While it can be exciting for some – the beckoning of new adventures and undiscovered places – for others it is long hours, sickness, no sleep and fear of being in the air. No matter what part of this spectrum you fall in when it comes to flying, you have to admit that it isn’t always pleasant. Cramped planes, overbooking, crying children, cancellations and lost luggage are just some of the things that can make a pleasant adventure into an absolute nightmare.

Before You Go

1. Use Incognito to Book Flights

All online booking sites track your movements. So if you are looking at flights through their site, you will be dropping cookies as you go and this could lead to your flights getting more expensive each time you research. The increases are incremental and you may not notice, but using the incognito option on your web browser or simply clearing your cache of cookies before searching could save you some hard-earned cash that you can use to enjoy your holiday instead.

2. Find Those Outrageously Cheap Flights

If you get that urge to lay on a beach in Thailand or gorge yourself on sushi in Japan, SecretFlyer.com should be your go to. It finds all the mistakes that airlines publish. So next time your staring out the window at the Irish rain, jump on the site. Last time we were on it, we saw flights from Paris to Bangkok for €95.

3. Sort Out Fido & Mittens

Before anything else you want to make sure you precious fur babies, will have someone looking after them. If you’re not fond of the idea of leaving them at a kennel or cattery, try a pet sitter. Your babies stay in their routines & comfort of their own home. Ensure you find someone you’re comfortable with by using a pet sitter check list.


4. Use A High-Quality Suitcase

This might sound a little petty however, it can be something that makes or breaks the trip. Suitcases are expensive, but there is nothing worse than arriving at your destination to find that your stuff is either broken, stolen or all over luggage belt. The thing is, your bags are not treated gently during the flight and so it’s imperative to get a bad that has a hard shell, strong wheels and a locking mechanism to keep everything safe. Ever see that poor person dragging their suitcase thought the airport because one of the cheap wheels broke, it will leave a lasting impression on your holiday and back.

5. Roll Up Those Clothes

The best way to maximise your packing space is to roll up your clothes before packing them, and also little things like rolling up socks and putting them into your shoes. Deodorant, shampoos and other items can also be rolled into the middle of your clothing (don’t forget to put them into packets though).


6. Check In Online

Avoid rushing to the airport hours in advance, and standing in hours of long lines by simply checking in online. Checking in at the airport is an unnecessary stress you should try to avoid, if you manage to pack light this whole part of your experience can be avoided! This allows you to merely get your baggage weighed, pop them in and you can proceed straight to the security check.

In The Air

7. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture.

Make sure you pack your travel sized moisturiser in your carry on. It can make a huge different to your skin if you care whilst flying. Some people wait until after the flight to rehydrate their skin, it its already too late you want to keep on top of it.

8. Towel Sized Body Wipes

You that feeling, you step of the plane and you feel sticky, smelly and ready to jump into the nearest shower. However, you can’t check in and you end up spending the day feelings a little bit off. Discovering the towel size body wipes was almost life changing. Rather than using 5 face wipes to give yourself a quick clean, the towel sized body wipe lets you actually feel refreshed

After Your Flight

9. Always Have Spare Clothes In Your Hand Luggage

Luggage can sometimes get lost, and there’s not a whole lot that you can do to avoid it. However, there is a way to plan and ensure that you aren’t stuck in your new destination without clean clothes to wear. Always remember to pack one pair of clean clothes, underwear, towel sized wipes and a toothbrush into your hand luggage so that if there is a mishap you aren’t left in the lurch.

10. Use Sleeping Pods On Layovers

Not all airports have sleeping pods, but the ones that do certainly have the right idea. If you have a layover and there are sleeping pods, spend a little extra money and use them. They make a world of difference.


11. Prepare for jet lag

If you are flying to another time zone then you need to prepare for jet lag by adapting your sleeping patterns days in advance, this might mean changing your bedtime. However, it is totally worth it, rather than spending your first few days walking around like a zombie, watching tv at 4am you will be ready to eat, drink and be merry all of your trip.

After moving from London to Dublin, Brittnay from The Nut Butter Hub is shocked, shocked at the how easily Dublin outdoes London. The people, the ocean views and most importantly the delicious food! Check out her Facebook for more.

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