10 Things Only Girls Who Have Been Travelling Will Understand

So you’ve been travelling, alone or with your pals, but when you got home your other friends just didn’t understand what it’s like to travel and live without life’s little pleasures. Here’s 10 things us experienced travellers will only get.

1. The more braids and wrist bands you had, the better traveller you were.


2. Those girls who had suitcases and not backpacks in your hostel weren’t really travelling. Cheaters. 


3. Listing out where you’ve been on your trip was a daily affair and by the end, you just wanted to hand everyone a print out.


4. If you saw a girl with a hairdryer or straightener you made it your business to become their best friend.


5. But you also discovered new ways of taming your humidity-infused hair.

monica humid hair

6. You were either oblivious to the beer belly you had developed after a stint of cocktail buckets and pad thai in Asia, or were very aware of the ‘Sydney Stone’ that had taken up residence on your ass.


7. Thinking guys were so much hotter on your travels because you were seeing them through tan-goggles. It’s all a lie. 


8. You were always thinking of getting a tattoo to mark your trip but never actually committed (or did you?)


9. You were ready for a night out because you wore your ‘dressy’ sandals.


10. No effort or danger was spared in order to take the perfect selfie to share on every avenue of social media and make your home-friends jelly.


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